If your business is halted due to illness of the business owner what will happen? What happens to your employees? How does the business continue to operate? Business Operating Expense Coverage, offered by our Financial Services Department now has the coverage you need to protect your business and pay your ongoing expenses. This valuable coverage will pay your rent, salaries, utilities and more to keep your business going when you are unable to due to accident or illness.

Many of us know that life insurance exists, what it basically is and how it pays a death benefit when you die. However, there are many types of policies and you need an expert to help you determine what type of policy works best for you. We can help you with this.

Investopedia defines a buy sell agreement as a legally binding agreement used to reallocate a share of a business if an owner dies or leaves the business. This is especially valuable when there multiple owners of the business. How is that person’s heir or the person himself compensated for his share of the company? This is done via the buy-sell. In a buy-sell agreement it requires that the business share is sold to the company or the remaining members of the business and the leaving owner must be deceased, disabled, retired or have expressed an interest in selling.

Tax-Advantaged Succession Planning – when a key employee or company executive dies or leaves the company due to illness a succession plan ensures that the company continues to operate by locating and implementing a successor to that person. Upon the death or disability of the key employee the business receives an influx of cash from life insurance proceeds to pay off the person or heir so that the business can continue with as little disruption as possible. Properly designed, this insurance can pay off the person or his heir and provide the cash necessary to find a replacement for the person.

Retirement Planning is exactly what you need to fund your lifestyle once you are no longer working. This is generally funded via various tax-advantaged strategies. The strategy for your retirement will be completely customized to your needs.

If your debt is overwhelming, our financial services department can work with you to determine the best path out of debt for you. Contact us for help on this right away.